All teams need the endorsement of the national FIMBA Representative in order to make the registration.


There will not be allowed that any player plays simultaneously in two categories at the same championship.
Players enabled to play are those: a) of appropriate age or whose birthday takes place within the current calendar year, b) having the FIMBA License, c) registered in the Team Roster of their team previous to the start of the tournament, d) who have paid their registration fee, and e) who have signed a waiver of responsibilities.
During the registration the team delegate shall submit a) the number of the FIMBA License of each player and auxiliary in the roster, b) the certificate of physical aptitude of all the players to the Organizing Committee in case they have not been endorsed previously by the national FIMBA Represent-
ative, and c) the released waivers signed by each participant. After these terms are fulfilled and the delegate signs the Delegate Waiver the registration cards will be given.
The roster shall not be modified or enlarged in any way after the start of the tournament.
The participating teams shall be composed of native players of their country.


At the time of registration, each team delegate shall inform the colors of the two sets of the mandatory play jerseys, one light and one dark. The delegate shall inform to the score table the roster of the 12 players and jersey numbers thirty minutes before each game. The team on the left side of the schedule shall use light jerseys. The team on the right side of the schedule shall use dark jerseys.
Jerseys may show the team country name, inscriptions and/or advertising. There will not be allowed discriminator images or inscriptions morally unaccepted. All the jerseys shall have in any front angle the FIMBA logo. (It is available on the website).

All the games shall have the following score: a) Two points (2): For a win; b) One point (l): For a loss; Zero (0): For the team who fails to attend the game on the scheduled time and In the case of suspension of a game due to any reason once started or prior its start, it shall not be rescheduled, while the Disciplinary Board shall decide the corresponding sanctions and their result. Once the tournament starts and with the game schedule already settled, there shall not be any changes in dates or games, nor any reschedule for any reason. Every game played shall not be played again for any reason, abiding by the Disciplinary Board decision as regards sanctions and results. All scheduled games shall be played. In the event of a tie between two, three or more teams, the standings shall be defined as follows: 1) Between two teams, the winner of the game qualifies, 2) Among three or more teams: a) Difference of goals, b) More goals achieved within the qualification zone.

Any playing rule not expressly modified herein, shall be governed by the regulations and general rules approved by F.I.B.A. Maxibasketball games shall be played in two (2) halves of 20 minutes each, divided into four (4) quarters of 10 minutes each.
There shall be an obligatory 2-minute rest between the first and the second quarter, and between the third and the fourth quarter. There shall be an obligatory 5-minute rest between the first and the second half, i.e. between the second and the third quarter.
First quarter begins with a jump ball between both teams at the court centre circle. The rest of the quarters follow the rule of the alternate ball.
Each team may request three time outs during the first and second half with a maximum of two per quarter. M60 and over and F50 and over categories will have four time outs per half period having the right to ask only two per quarter. Overtimes have one time out per team.
A four fouls accumulation by team and per quarter will determine at the fifth foul, the sanction of two free throwing by the fouled player. The accumulation of four fouls is per quarter and shall be informed by the table of control in a visible way. All the quarters begin without accumulation of team fouls.
A 24-seconds of ball possession per team, 8-seconds for passing the middle court.
The men categories of 60 and over and female of 50 and over will be played by the following possession rule: 10-seconds counted by the referees for passing the middle court and then 24-second clock of ball possession by team.

A second technical foul in the same game means the disqualification of the game. Any player, coach or assistant, who is duly notified, ejected, disqualified or removed from a match, shall automatically accomplish with his/her suspension for one match. Any aggression will be forwarded with the ejection from the championship.

No country may be worthy for both 1st and 2nd place awards in the same category. In the event more than one team of the same country plays in the same age category, they shall play amongst them until their elimination, so only one team qualifies for the final.
There will be awarded with medals the fourth first places.
The tournament will be ruled with the Regulation for FIMBA Championships and the Penalty and Procedure Rules.

All the participants must be at the Opening Celebration and the Social Party.