Here comes information on the Tournament Registration Fees and Time Schedules for the registration.

  1. Team registration fee with Official Tournament Hotel Accommodation is EUR 1.200 / Team and this “Early Bird” fee is valid for the registrations and payments made before Dec 31, 2018
  2. Team registration fee with Official Tournament Hotel Accommodation after Jan 1, 2019 is EUR 1.300 / Team.
  3. Team registration fee of EUR 1.650 / Team is valid for the registrations without Official Tournament Hotel Accommodation.

Team registration fee includes up to 15 persons (Players, Coaches, etc.).

Extra players (max. 3 players) and team companions may be registered at registration pages EUR 50 for each additional person.

Payment of Registration

  1. Payment of registration fee is made via PayPal at
  2. The second option is the bank transfer (bank information is provided by request, which should be sent to

The team registration will be closed on May 31st´2019 or earlier depending on the number of teams registered.

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms & Conditions of the Tournament

VISA requirements

Depending on the country you are representing, you may need to apply for the Visa to enter Finland and Schengen countries. Check if you need a Visa to visit Finland and what travel documents are accepted in Finland at:

How to apply for the Visa:

As you have the full list of players and participants from your country available and you have checked if your team participants need a visa, please send an email at with Subject Line: Invitation for VISA

The following info is need for each person for the VISA application

Name Address City Date of birth Passport nbr Expire date
Last Name, First Name Address City XX.XX.XXXX XXXXXXXXX XX.XX.XXXX

Processing of Personal Data of Participants

Each team have a contact person that has responsibility to enter the team and participant (player, coach, other team member) information to the Espoo FIMBA 2019 tournament system. By registering the team to the tournament, the contact person has approved that he/she has received an unambiguous and individualized affirmation of consent from the team participants for entering their personal data to tournament system.

The following information is stored of each participant: Shirt Number, First and Last Name, Shirt Size, FIMBA license number and Country.

If a participant needs a visa to enter Finland (Schengen Area), date of birth, address and passport number are also stored to the tournament system that Organizer may help the individual persons in visa application process

Information of team contact person is stored for 18 months after the tournament. The birth dates, addresses, passport numbers, FIMBA license numbers for all participants are removed one month after the tournament.

Names of the players and match records are stored for the statistical reasons for an indefinite period.

Detailed information on Data Protection is available from EspooFimbaEN_Data Protection_Web Site