Live-streams of Espoo FIMBA 2019

Espoo FIMBA 2019 tournament games will be streamed live by our official partner SolidSport. You can also watch recorded games.

More than 230 teams and over 3,500 tournament guests are expected to participate in the Espoo FIMBA 2019 tournament. As all of the team supporters are not able to come to Espoo and see the games on the spot, tournament organizers have excellent news for those who stay at home: around 50 % of the games most of all finals and semi-finals will be seen live as well as recorded afterwards.

Tournament organizer will have a live streaming from the following courts:

  • Tapiola Sports Hall
  • Honkahalli 1
  • Opinmäki School
  • Espoonlahti Sports Hall
  • Leppävaara Sports Hall
  • Kaitaa School

Games are provided through SolidSport streaming service. They are displayed on the Espoo FIMBA 2019 tournament’s own SolidSport channel at

At the preliminary round about 150 games will be streamed from the following Categories:

You can buy all the games in the tournament (All Access) for a price of 15 euros or any single game for 5 euros per game.

Read more and order now from Espoo FIMBA 2019 SolidSport!