Did you know that tap water is safe to drink in Finland?

Finnish tap water is fresh and healthy – its quality is among the highest in the world. Every player of FIMBA Espoo 2019 will receive their own reusable tournament water bottle to fill up during their stay here. Our event is aiming for sustainability and we can all reduce the amount of plastic waste together by re-filling water bottles directly from any tap in playing gyms.

Where does the tap water come from in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area?

HSY (Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority) makes sure that over one million people throughout the Helsinki Metropolitan Area can enjoy high-quality drinking water.

Most of the water originates from Lake Päijänne and is treated at two water treatment plants in Helsinki before it is released in to the water pipes for consumers to use. A small part of Vantaa is provided with drinking water from a groundwater intake plant.

Water quality

Tap water in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area easily fulfils the quality requirements and recommendations set out by both Finland and the European Union. The quality of water is frequently monitored by municipal health authorities and HSY.

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https://www.hsy.fi/en/residents/water/water-quality/Pages/default.aspx https://www.hsy.fi/en/residents/water/where-does-your-drinking-water-come-from/Pages/default.aspx