Champions and medalists in Espoo FIMBA World Maxibasketball Championships 2019

15th FIMBA Maxibasketball World Championships were played in Espoo, Finland 25.7.-4.8. Finals weeked filled all game arenas with spectators cheering for their favourite teams. 624 games were played in total during the tournament. All Espoo FIMBA 2019 Champions and medalists listed below. Women 65+ Women 60+ Hungary Germany Latvia Germany B Women 55+ Women 50+ Lue Lisää…

Change in schedule for M35+ on Friday

A schedule change has been made in M35+ for Friday, according to FIMBA rules. Old schedule: 19:30 Espoonlahti Sports Hall M35+ Ukraine – Estonia A19:30 Opinmäki school M35+ Russia – Estonia B New / correct schedule 19:30 Espoonlahti Sports Hall M35+ Estonia B – Estonia A19:30 Opinmäki school M35+Russia – Ukraine